Thank You

Our Amazing Team

Trenise Ferreira


Michael Castillo


Trenise Ferreira is a graduate of the University of California Berkeley School of Journalism. Michael Castillo is the College Editorial Director for Sports Network.

Thank You

"Student Body Left" is a Masters project created by Trenise Ferreira for the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. This project was made possible by the generous donations from the following groups and individual sponsors. Thank you all for supporting my project:

"The Dude"

Dr. Jabari Mahiri and the UC Berkeley School of Education

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Solano Valley Alumnae Chapter

Terrel Combs-Ferreira

Nyah Ferreira

Greg Smith

Jonathan B. McCoy

Kim Pryor

Xanthia Warren

Brenda Coleman Houston

Denise Johnson

Samanthan Gail Dickinson

Josh Real

I would also like to thank my UC Berkeley academic support team, interview subjects and incredible editors without whom "Student Body Left" would have remained just an idea in my head:

Deirdre English, who helped me shape the narrative of "Student Body Left". You are an amazing editor and it was a joy working with you!

William Drummond, who believed in my vision and helped me secure funding

Jeremy Rue and Koci Hernandez, who helped me bring this multimedia platform to life

Michael Castillo, my brilliant colleague and friend who traveled through Louisiana with me and helped shoot the photos and videos in this project. Thank you for helping me capture the beauty of HBCU Football

Chris Schodt, for being my second photo editor. Your work was beautiful and I am so grateful!

Jazz White and the White Family, for hosting Michael and I during Thanksgiving of all weeks, and showing us the true meaning of Southern Hospitality

Doug Porter, who gave me access to his home and his memories of all that was glorious about Grambling State football. I will never forget the time I spent learning from you, and I hope this project brings you joy

Robert Bennett, who showed me just how much the world of HBCU Football changed from his time as a player to his time as a coach. Thank you for sharing these personal moments with me, and for letting me use them in this project

James Harris, who talked to me about just how difficult but important it was to break the NFL quarterback color barrier, and to change the entire complexion of professional football as a whole

Coach Tee Martin, for giving me the idea for this project in the first place. Four years ago, you casually mentioned how no one had really looked into how the desegregation of the SEC killed HBCU Football. I told you then, if I ever went to grad school, I would tell the story for thesis project. So here we are, and here it is. Thank you for sparking the flame that became a passion

Jeff Fellenzer, for providing perspective on the landscape of college football today. Thank you for always being in my corner and helping foster my ideas for sports journalism

Dr. Derek Van Rheenen, for giving clarity to exploitation as it pertains to today's college sports landscape

Melvin Lee and family, for providing me with such wonderful news clippings and historic photos of the rich tradition that was Grambling State Football.

The Grambling State University Athletic Department

Dr. Larry Pannell and the Grambling State Band

The Southern University Athletic Department

The Bayou Classic

The Eddie Robinson Museum and Staff

The University of Southern California Athletic Department

The University of California Berkeley Athletic Department

The University of Tennesee and VFL Films